Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Sweet green has built an iconic brand on the fresh and sustainable food ideology. Their clean and modern aesthetic is consistent in everything they do — whether you’re on the mobile app, in-store, or following them on social media. It’s subtle, but Sweet green uses only lowercase letters on social media, consistent with their app, logo, and website. The same vibrant photography is used across all their marketing materials. They even appear to have developed a clear emoji strategy on social media. The Sweet green brand is recognizable even when their logo isn’t on the screen.

By addressing negative reviews and showing appreciation for positive ones, the Paris team has created a transparent and friendly persona online. They’re not afraid to talk about their flaws and make a public attempt to improve upon them. The managers on Yelp! use any negative reviews as an opportunity to learn about their business and to turn naysayers into brand advocates. Even if you’re not able to address every post on your Yelp! page, it’s a good idea to address your disgruntled customers and to try to turn that relationship Pieology is turning their customers into valuable brand ambassadors by sharing their comments and photos online. By acknowledging these posts and encouraging them with the  hashtag, Pieology is creating social proof for the brand and generating a backlog of social media content. It’s essentially free marketing.

Monteverde won Chicago Eater’s Restaurant of the Year because of their unapologetically adventurous Italian food and support of local fans. They used social media to spread the word about their Eater Award nomination and directly asked patrons for their support. Clearly, it worked.

Profiling the people behind any business is a great way to humanize the experience for customers. Whether or not your team is winning awards, posting pictures from “behind the scenes” or sharing funny anecdotes about the staff can make followers feel more connected to the business and the people that make it possible.

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